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Cool taproom with a great selection of beers. Bring your dog, sit down in the Alley, slow down.


Text "behoppy" to
for some beer money!

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The Alley Downtown Taproom is the number one place for craft beer! We have 48 taps with a variety of beer, ciders, wine, kombuchas, sodas and coffee. Pay by the ounce, or by the pint. We have an amazing staff to greet you and walk you through the process. Then you get the freedom to drink the variety you want! 


Our Tap Room

Beer     Wine   Cider    Seltzer  Kombucha      


We have an open food policy.
Bring your own bites!


The Alley is packed with restaurants to order from.  Find your  style to go with your favorite beer.


Whiskey Alley and
Tako Sushi are both happy to deliver.


Not to worry, everywhere is a short walk... which is a good argument for delivery... but we don't even pour your beer.  


 No judgement.  So yea, you can pour your beer, you can go grab your food... with little difficulty that is.


Don't get distracted.  The point is, you can eat whatever you want at Taproom.  Whiskey Alley, Beef Jerky, Whiskey Alley... whatever.


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