For about the same price as 1 beer a week you get

10% off EVERY tap EVERY time you come in


40% off of the Froth Scout Tap


Monthly Variety Packs of Bottle Beer to take home


Specialty Swag Bags
First crack at event sign ups

More deals to come as the world moves closer to normal.




The Member's Tap is a permanent fixture on the wall, where Froth Scouts always get a steep discount.  The beer will still change, like the rest of them, but the discount won't!

Beer Bottles

This practically pays for the membership, the rest is just bonuses.

$25 worth of craft bottled beer variety packs every month.

With each membership, you will receive a monthly, curated, variety pack of craft beers to TAKE HOME AND ENJOY.  We've been doing a lot of brainstorming and head scratching trying to figure out how to change with an ever changing 2020, and we think we came up with a little something for everybody.  

The Taproom has always been a place for community and to gather, so we have combined all of the best parts of community with a little re-imagining of gathering.


The Froth Scouts membership brings something special for everyone.  Do we stay home?  Do we get on with our lives?  Well, a Froth Scout gets the benefit of both.

The membership is nearly paid for just in the craft bottle packs to take home.  Grab a beer or two out in the Alley, soak up some vitamin D, get out of the house for a little bit, enjoy a delicious craft beer on draft, gather your craft bottles and head back home.

Safely get out of the house and enjoy a beer, take beer back home with you, and support your locally owned businesses.  This deal is a win, win, win with even more wins to come!