Introducing the Froth Scouts!

Its like an eagle scout, but more fun.

The esteemed Eagle Scouts boasts an impressive roster of folks who went on to do amazing things, including: Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg, Gerald Ford, L Ron Hubbard, Marion Barry, Michael Bloomberg, Sam Walton and Charles Whitman, to name a few. Presidents, mayors, Hollywood producers, writers, business tycoons and marksman. These folks had to prove themselves by earning 13 specific badges, which are:

  • Camping

  • Citizenship in the Community

  • Citizenship in the Nation

  • Citizenship in the World

  • Communications

  • Cooking

  • Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving

  • Environmental Science or Sustainability

  • Family Life

  • First Aid

  • Personal Fitness

  • Personal Management

  • Swimming, Hiking or Cycling.

Seems legit. It seems obvious, however, that maybe that route and badges just isn't for everyone. Which is fair, seeing the elite list of people who have completed it, and fairly represented by the majestic, free, powerful, stoic, and awe inspiring bald eagle. That's not us. Well, maybe Marion Barry, but I digress.

We are the ounce scouts! We work hard and play harder. We aren't born free; we earn our free time, our cheat days, our party time. We don't inspire the masses, but we are always working on our personal best. We might not land on the moon, but we have definitely held the earth to keep it from spinning...with our bare hands! Let me see you try that Neil! Marion, though, we'll call ya for backup! What else would you expect a Froth Scout to be proficient in? They are indispensable life skills that include but are not limited to:

  • Couch Camping

  • Drinker of the Community

  • Citizenship of The Alley

  • Connoisseur of Beers of the World

  • Drunk Dialing

  • Party Pizza Preparation

  • Emergency Hurricane Party Leadership

  • Environmental Science of Day Drinking

  • Social Life

  • Expel and Rally

  • Personal Elation

  • Self Control

  • Silent Disco, Axe Throwing or Trivia.

  • Or do none of these and just buy the membership card.

  • Buying the card is the only thing you have to do actually.

We are the Froth Scouts! Hanging out, laid back, fun, striving for mediocrity and ready to party.

Sure an Eagle Scout Badge might bring you recognition and pride, but can it get you cheaper beer? I think not! I didn't notice a brewers badge in that list. A Froth Scout Membership, however, earns you all sorts of perks, like:

  • 40% off of Froth's Tap

  • 20% off of Featured Taps

  • 10% off of ALL TAPS

  • 5% off of Swag and Merch

  • an Official AF Membership Card

Sign up today for the Froth Scout Membership Card.

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