Tapped into Aiken

The Alley Downtown Taproom was built for community.

We are going to treat this like a grocery store.

We are located in the dead center of downtown Aiken, in the center of the Alley. We are the hub right in the middle of all of these awesome things going on in town, and we are poised to know about just about everyone of them. So swing through here and grab all of your essentials. Learn about people and places in the area. Discover events that happening downtown. Read about the ones you missed and vicariously live through this blog post. Do you want to know what great restaurants there are downtown? We know! I mean, we really know. We don't serve food, so we have certainly sampled every single thing sold in Downtown Aiken...multiple times. It's market research, and we are professionals. We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Aiken Downtown Development Association. Where some might argue, this may make us a redundancy, but we read our emails and we want to sell you beer, so we also want to make sure that you are paying attention.

We've got your essentials and beer!

So, just like the grocery store, pick up your essentials, but don't forget the beer.

So, what will you find?

In between high-gravity fueled ravings of nonsense, I hope you find the beauty in the community that we are apart of, and see why it has always been the foundation of what the Taproom is. That community starts with you, and a whole bunch of yous build all of the great stores, restaurants, bars, and events that are going on all around us. It's all about the community.


Anyone who has read any of my posts on social media, knows that I get pretty passionate and excited about the accomplishments of our community. The, current as of this writing, Covid-19 pandemic reminded me of why I love this community so much. Sure, your neighbors aren't speaking because they are still pissed the other is watching the wrong news channel, but at the end of the day, these same people will come together to help you out, and then go back to being a little mad at each other afterwards. One of the things I love about the working with Alley, is she gets that kind of excitement, and then she turns it up to 11. Her excitement is one louder. Everyone needs and Alley in their life. We all have dreams, and doing anything about them is usually the only thing stopping us. Alley is the hardest hype-man, has a way of dissolving any of the doubts, and makes the doing so much easier. Usually it is with a face that looks something like this.

I whole heartedly believe that Alley, with her little frame, her tiny store, and her big ideas and giant sense of community have been the catalyst for the revitalization in the Alley over the past 3 years. For those of you who remember the post Tank'd Moose (also post Up your Alley, Bowery, and Tipsy's) days, the Alley got pretty quiet and really dull. Look at where it is now! She won't take credit for it, and hates when I point it out, but that is my opinion. I've been accused of wanting to be right a time or two. However, it is pretty hard to argue with this.

It is so much fun to be a part of now. More fun when you are involved in the drinking and merriment, but there is certainly an appreciation in the chaos to be a part of something awesome. That is what the Taproom is. It is that little hub, that loves bringing that community together, and I hope this blog manages to do that just a little more. If I could explain to you everything that the Taproom is and what our love of the Aiken Community is, I think it would be this face that not everyone gets to see. Sometimes in all of the hype and energy, we don't slow down enough to appreciate what it actually is that we are apart of, and this is especially true for Alley. It was like photographing a cute, very, very small yeti. It was a rare and special moment. I think it is the personification of the pride to be #aiken4aiken, and I hope I'm able to write something that makes you feel a tenth of the way she feels looking down on that crowd, looking down on her community.

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