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Amp the Alley Spot Light: Whiskey Run

Whiskey Run is a band out of Augusta, Georgia that specializes in country, pop, and rocking your face off to the classics.

Whiskey Run Country/Rock band from Augusta Georgia.
Whiskey Run

I'm super biased.

These guys have been buddies of mine for years, having first met them back when they filled in for someone who double booked while I worked at Playoffs. I was instantly a fan. Since then I've seen them all over the CSRA and I have never regretted it. Fun Fact, lead singer Dave Firmin was the guy to turn me on the Chris Stapleton about a year before that now very famous performance with Justin Timberlake. They know how to rock, but also they know how to play to the room, and that can be a rare quality among bands. Is it too soon to use the same Spinal Tap reference? Some of my favorite covers they do include: Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton, Shut up and Dance by Walk the Moon, Drunk Last Night by Eli Young Band, Get Lucky by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams, and Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. I've been photographing bands for 6 years or so now, and there is a big difference when the band loves what they are doing, and when they are doing a job, looking at you Alabama. These guys have fun. Jason Sabo's harmonies are perfect with Dave's lead vocals, and Jason's lead guitar is like its own voice in the background filling the songs with life. Be sure you catch these guys at Amp the Alley. You will absolutely regret missing them, and if you don't... stay at home, I don't need you ruining by buzz and downtown good time ya no fun having Ned.

Dave Firmin looks like he's having a good time playing Amp the Alley in Downtown Aiken, SC.
Dave Firmin and Jason Sabo of Whiskey Run perfroming at Amp the Alley.

Here is us recording in my studio years ago. I think this was slightly before the fireball knocked the wheels off the entire operation. It was an awesomely fun night though!

Here is a Whiskey Run Original, recorded and produced by Shawn Guess at the Digital Halo, in Aiken, SC.

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