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The Taproom has the best deal for TO GO!

Everyone knows The Alley Downtown Taproom is the place to go for craft beers and microbrews. A glorious wall full of beer that you are allowed to pour yourself! Sometimes its still a shocking concept when you think about it. What we don't have is a kitchen where you can whip up your own snacks, but we have some pretty loose rules - so just bring your own food in. Also, as it turns out, we are conveniently situated in between some of the best restaurants in Aiken - including the all new The Red Door: Sake + Kitchen. The newest project by Chef Chad Jajczyk.

And this is where this incredible deal comes in. Order The Red Door to go, bring it over to The Alley Downtown Taproom, and pour yourself a beer. That's all you have to do to earn yourself a coupon for $10 off your next visit to The Red Door!

It's really that simple. You get a frothy craft beer of your choosing, and Aiken's newest Asian cuisine, PLUS $10 off of your next visit to The Red Door.

We know there is going to be a next visit. Its that good.

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